SMARC (“Smart Mobility Architecture”) is an open-source computer Module standard maintained by the SGeT (“Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies”).

SMARC Modules are small form factor (82mm x 50mm and 82mm x 80mm), low power (typically < 6W) computer modules that are used on a Carrier board that utilizes a 314 pin 0.5mm pitch right-angle memory socket (all modules are pin compatible) style connector to host the Module. SMARC Modules may utilize ARM, low power RISC or low power x86 CPUs / SOCs. FEATURES

  • Small form factor systems
  • Pin out suitable for ARM CPUs features
  • Multiple multimedia input/output
  • Gigabit Ethernet available
  • Large number of low level peripherals (industrial buses: CAN, UART, I2C, SPI)
  • Large number of memory buses (MMC, SATA)
  • Connection with generic devices via USB port
  • Passive heat dissipation (noiseless)
  • 314 pin 0.5mm pitch, all modules are pin compatible

Required functions

PIN GROUPPIN COUNTPrimary function / Alternate function
LCD SUPPORT3Panel and backlight enable, PWM
HDMI12Display: HDMI / DP (DisplayPort)
USB113 ports, one is OTG (client or host); other 2 host only
SDIO91 port 4 bit
SPI102 ports (one of the two may be a boot device)
I2S133 ports plus Audio Master Clock
I2C84 ports
Serial124 ports (two 2 wire and two 4 wire)
GPIO12General Purpose I/O (4 additional GPIO via Strap pins)
Boot Sel3Boot device select pins
Power1110 pins for Module input power; 1 for RTC
GND49Grounds – circa 15% of total pins

Optional functions

PIN GROUPPIN COUNTPrimary function / Alternate function
Parallel LCD28Display: 24 bit parallel RGB data
LVDS LCD10Display: Single channel 18/24 bits LVDS data / eDP (Embedded Display Port)
LCD Support3Panel and backlight enable, PWM
CS10 / PCAM Hi7Camera Input: CSI 2 lane / Parallel Camera Input D 10:15
CSI1/PCAM Lo10Camera Input : CSI 4 lane / Parallel Camera Input D0:9 Parallel Camera support
PCAM Support6Parallel Camera support signals
GBE12Gigabit Ethernet
PCIe283 PCIe x 1 ports with supporting signals
SATA51 port (may be boot device)
eMMC111 port 8 bit (may be boot device)
SPDIF21 port
CAN42 ports
Force Recovery1Allow boot media recovery, with Module as USB client
WDT1Watch Dog Timer output
MISC12Power management pins
RSVD / AFB20Reserved / Alternate Function Blocks (AFB)
RSVD / EDP_HPD1Reserved / Future use for eDP HPD
Type Pins2Pin straps used to distinguish Camera Usage