• IGEP Processor Boards

    PC-like performance for industrial systems in small, low-power consumption, fanless processor boards

Two concepts:


  • Very small complete computers with multiple integrated peripherals and connectivity.
  • The best solution to shorten developing time of your new products.
  • Many developing tools, including preinstalled software, IDE’s, Virtual Machine, Schematics, Hardware and Software Manuals, Tutorials, etc.
  • Compatible with standard and custom Expansion Boards.
  • Faster time-to-market by integrating a complete computing solution.
  • Streamline the design, development and manufacturing cycle.
  • Time and resource savings with off-the-shelf System on Modules.


  • Very small Processor Boards that can take control of almost any process through its expansion connectors.
  • The best solution for industries and final products with high order quantities.
  • Compatible with standard and custom Expansion Boards.
  • Complete and flexible solutions that suit any architecture and meet any safety regulations or market demands your product faces.
  • Cutting edge technology with sophisticated hardware and software features so you stay ahead of the competition with the most relevant market offerings.
  • Reduced risk by incorporating proven solutions designed by experts and applied in numerous applications worldwide.
  • Quality materials are applied in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, helping your products stay on target and within budget.
  • Manufacturing support with extensive QA procedures, tailored configurations and long term part-availability.